Every day, people sign contracts. They can be for the supply of goods and services, loan agreements, employment contracts etc, just to name some examples.litigation

However, sometimes some people don’t keep to their contractual promises. As a result, someone may gain an unfair advantage or simply not do what is agreed to under the contract.

When this occurs, you should seek immediate legal advice. We can advise you about:

-The terms of the contract;

-Whether such terms are enforceable and how they can be enforced;

-Other remedies that might be available to you under the Australian Consumer Act, Fair Trading Act and Trusts Act etc;

-Your entitlements under the contract;

-Alternatives to litigation, such as Alternative Dispute Resolution.

In the commercial world that we live in, it is often the case that not everything runs smoothly. Disputes can arise in many areas, but before you commence litigation, it is critical that you get legal advice. We can advise you:

-The prospects of success for your matter;

-The estimated cost of resolving the matter, from mediation up to litigation;

-Other Alternative Dispute Resolution methods that are associated with the area of law relating to your claim.

We have a lot of experience in negotiating resolutions of contractual matters.  This saves you the enormous and sometimes unnecessary costs of litigation.

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